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Register now and I'll walk you through preparing your goals for 2020. Then in October, we will kick it up a notch with weekly coaching sessions and a private group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Read on to learn more about this four week live planning workshop that will set you up for your best year yet!

- Melissa


Question for business builders who keep biting off more than they can chew:

What if you could make a plan that fit your life, but also helped you reach your business goals?

It's time for you to take a new approach. It's time to look at what's working, what's not working and the daily work that will contribute to your overall goals.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to plan ahead, but how can you know what will come at you on any given day? Those New Years plans just don't pan out. Somehow, by March, you are distracted, derailed and demotivated.

Or maybe you just throw planning in the too hard basket. Hey, some people just aren't planners, right?

Wrong, some people may be natural planners, but if you are more of a natural do-er you can easily end up wondering you are up at 11pm making 150 Christmas card kits instead of growing your business (it's a loooong story).

It doesn't have to be that way!

I've been using this planning process for four years now, and it's helped my business add 3000 customers and support a part-time assistant. I'll show you how I work through 4 simple steps to break down my goals and achieve them.

Create your Goal: Getting your goal into words, and on paper is the first step. You'll have a chance to think about what you want to achieve through the lense of your whole life.

Stay Realistic and Stay Flexible: Use actual maths to work out how you will achieve your goals, and always have a Plan B.

Shape your Time: Work on your business and keep time for the other important things in your life.

Plan your Days: There's often a disconnect between where your business goals and your day-to-day activities. You don't have to micromanage your life to make your daily work meet your big goals!

Keep Motivated: Your fellow business owners and challenge leader, Melissa Shanhun, will keep you on track with weekly live sessions throughout the course. 

The course comes with gorgeous printable planning set and workbook.

Sign up today and make 2020 your best year yet.


What is PLAN4?

PLAN4 is a planning system that helps you crystallize your goals, and helps you break down the steps to get there.

This course will take you through the planning process over four weeks, through email, worksheets, group interaction and live sessions.


How Does PLAN4 Work?

Each week you'll receive an email with your planning step. You'll take a moment to print the worksheet and work through the process in your own time. You'll share your successes as well as questions in the private Facebook group with other participants.

We will discuss each week's planning and your questions in a live session.

Who is PLAN4 for?

PLAN4 is for educators, writers, artists creatives and bloggers who want to mesh their business with the rest of their life. You'll plan your business as part of your life, allowing for quiet seasons and learn how to make your time work best for you. You will have a workable plan at the end of the class.

I provide the planning prompts and worksheets. If you are willing to take action, this is for you!

Who's Behind PLAN4?

I’m Melissa Shanhun and my business of 8 years is Photoshop Elements and Digital Scrapbooking training. I help people capture their memories and create books with their computers.

As a busy mum of four, my work time is limited, which forces me to laser-focus on the most effective. In sharing my strategies with fellow business owners, I've seen them work in different industries and with different business models. I and others use these strategies over and over to increase income and grow our businesses.

I also run a successful mastermind group for Creative Business Owners and co-lead the Elite Craft Business Group. 

What People Say About Melissa's Business Boosting Workshops

“OMG Melissa this was such an amazing thing you've done for us! I looked forward to your email every morning :) thank you so much :D 

I didn't hit my monetary goal, still a bit to go, but tomorrow is the last day for my opening sale and I know people buy at the last minute, so we'll see :) 

What I DID do is open an Etsy shop, land a guest post on [a leading site in my industry] and make a design team!! So I'm happy with my month. 

Thanks again Melissa!” – Cara, creative business owner and mother of 6

I have more confidence in myself and I am almost done with creating my own class which will be going live by the end of this week”

– Beth, business owner and teacher 

“I got the energy to keep going. I got a little braver and a LOT more independent. Lots of things that I wasn't doing for myself I made the effort to learn and now I feel the momentum to keep going. What you have done for me has made a big difference.”

– Gina, business owner

“[Melissa's class] wasn’t just productive, it was fun! The bite-sized challenges fit into my already-busy days, and the group’s cheering and prodding nudged me to do more than I would on my own. I confess I didn’t follow through on all of the prompts (I did do most), but I still improved sales, and I continue to reap rewards—make sales—from the systems put in place through the course. Melissa breaks important and effective strategies into doable daily tasks. I look forward to participating again and again!”

– Jen, business owner and author

It's time to plan ahead and make 2020 your best year yet!

Sign up for PLAN4 today.


©2018 Melissa Shanhun